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Never (Ever!) Say This to a New Mom

February 21, 2013 by bridget in Baby, Parents Buzz with 0 Comments
PinExt Never (Ever!) Say This to a New MomYou know what never gets old? Being accosted by a complete stranger in the grocery store as you’re trying to wheel your cart down the international foods aisle without the baby grabbing and smashing an expensive jar of kalamata olives on the floor.
“Ohhhh, just look at that little face!” these people squeal. “Enjoy every minute, because they grow up before you know it!”
By Abigail Green for
470 2586642 Never (Ever!) Say This to a New Mom

OK, I’m lying. This gets very old, very fast. As does the advice – no, demand – to focus on the present, be in the moment and appreciate the little things, because it all goes so fast. People especially love to say this to new moms.

I know they mean well, but I always wanted to tell these people, “Look, I get that your baby grew up overnight and is now graduating college and you’re all sentimental about it, but mine is still an actual baby who gets up multiple times a night and demands attention and nourishment and diaper changes around the clock. So you’ll excuse me if I don’t agree with you that this time is as fleeting and precious as a rainbow.” Depending on how much sleep and coffee I’d had, I also may have had the urge to ram their shins with my grocery cart.

The 12 worst things ever said to new moms

And let’s talk about this “enjoy every moment” thing for a minute. When people say that, I imagine they are picturing a baby taking his first steps, laughing in delight as a butterfly lands on his nose in a meadow of wildflowers, or maybe they’re referring to watching your little angel sleep peacefully in her crib. Well, who wouldn’t enjoy those moments?!

But what about the moments when you’re waiting in line at the pharmacy and you

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