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What Your Kids Learn from Your Marriage

September 19, 2012 by bridget in Parenting Tips, Parents Buzz with 0 Comments
PinExt What Your Kids Learn from Your Marriage

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Have you heard parents say in amazement,“I sound just like my Mom (or Dad)”!

The words that made them want to flee the room as a child seem to flow right out of their own mouths as parents.

Instinctively, kids can pinpoint hot spots and become the sandpaper to old hurts.

As a relationship coach, I believe preparation is key to teaching a better way. It is wise to address individual hot buttons early in love when looking ahead to marriage and raising a family.

Bringing those issues out into the open will reduce its emotional punch when those thorns rise to the surface through your future kids.

It’s Generational
My experience shows that generational cycles grow stronger, not weaker in one’s children. We are all designed to find soul fulfillment in our sense of belonging, worthiness and competency. It is your ability as a future parent to have the capacity to communicate and instill this sense of wholeness.

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You can read all kinds of parenting books, but without a solid foundation, you will be unable to write emotionally healthy scripts for them. What you will do is fall back on what is already programmed in your mind from your formative years. What is in your subconscious mind cannot be totally erased; but you can rewrite your truths to make those go-to reactions a distant memory.

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We want to hear from you

How do you think your kids learn from you and your marriage? In what ways do you demonstrate love, understanding, and kindness to your children through your marriage?

PinExt What Your Kids Learn from Your Marriage

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