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10 Truths About Tweens

October 23, 2012 by bridget in Parents Buzz with 0 Comments
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I have a tween. Thank you for your condolences.

My son, Boy Wonder will be turning 10 years old next week, that is if he survives his attitude long enough to make it. What happened to my sweet boy who once thought my loving arms could solve anything? What happened to that little boy who wanted to grow up and marry me in a castle? I guess I blinked and he grew up.

Someone wiser than me once said that parenting wasn’t for the faint of heart. Damn straight it’s not. It’s also not for the sensitive types.

I tell you this because I’ve spent the last year taking Boy Wonder’s tween behavior personally. While my head knows my good son has been temporarily inhabited by the age-appropriate demons of tweendom, my heart is having a hard time watching it happen.

Take a look at the tween truths learned the hard way over the last year – after the jump!

1. They’re still kids

Consider tweendom to be an awful lot like Middle Earth. Caught between child and full-fledged teen, our tweens are struggling with navigating more mature territory while still a child. Rock, meet hard place.

2. They’re embarrassed by you

If your tween no longer wants to be seen within a 10 foot radius of you, don’t take it personally. The minute the tween crowd thinks you’re cool, it’s time to reevaluate.

3. They don’t want your advice

Here’s the thing, as much as your solid parental advice will help your tween, they just don’t want to hear it. Sparse advice and abundant listening is our best defense against tween angst.

4. They have a hard time asking for help

As our tweens take on more complex challenges, they often find themselves struggling to find answers. When you sense your tween struggling, just be there. Be there when they choose to talk and be there when they don’t. Your constant presence signifies your willingness and desire to help.

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PinExt  10 Truths About Tweens

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